Imanol Herrero & Eva Salas founded Zoltar Games and began his career in 2012 with the indie philosophy by flag.
During this time we have developed several projects unfinished for pc, learnt a lot of things and created a very close group of work, with many win to work, quality and future completed with Gorka Illarra, our crack/programmer and Daniel Garrido who has filled in of colour our lives! 🙂

We jump to the market with BrainTrap like first enclosed work, a game for mobile characterised by an striking and full of colour aesthetic and in addition some innovative mechanics and very fun that will do that you measure your skills constantly. All a challenge!

After the development of BrainTrap we will continue with the development of applications for mobile, will give the jump to pc restarting the projects developed so widely previously and will touch the market of the serious games.

We will keep you informed!